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Concerts - Dates

Due to Covid19 we regret that most of the concerts were cancelled or postponed!

19th of January - 24th of January 2021

Competition of the German Universities nominated by the Carl Maria von Weber Musikhochschule - BERLIN


26th of May 2021

Festsaal BRUNO; Brunn am Gebirge NÖ/Austria

PRIMAVERA - 25 years Culture Club Brunn am Gebirge


on the piano Chizu Miyamoto

Begin: 7.30pm

Entrance: 6.30pm

Details will follow

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4th of November 2021


Bach - Sonata 1; BWV 1001, g-minor

Bach - Partita 2; BWV 1004, d-minor

Vitali - Chaconne (violin with organ)

Piazzolla - Ave Maria (violin with organ)

piieces with organ

Start 7 p.m.

Details will follow


22nd of November 2020 POSTPONED TO 2021!

Palais Coburg - Vienna/Austria 1st district

Concert series "Jugend & Stil"

High Kasematte

on the piano Chizu Miyamoto

beginning: 11 am



26th of October 2020

University for Music Carl Maria von Weber Dresden/Germany

Preselection Concert at "Kleiner Saal"

Starting at 9 am - for details on request please

Programme: Bach Chaconne;

Mendelsssohn violin concert 1st mvt and Franck violin sonata (1st and 2nd mvt)

24th of October 2020 CANCELLED due to the new Covid19 regulations from 19th of Oct.

Festival der Klänge - Cziffra foundation Vienna

Concert evening in the  "Nepomukkapelle"  Vienna


on the piano Evgueni Sinaiski

23rd of October 2020 POSTPONED due to Covid19

Brunn/Gebirge - BRUNO - Festsaal

Julian Walder will be honoured by his home town for his activities as an artist

Begin 7pm

8th of October 2020

Prizewinner Concert at Carl Maria von Weber University for Music/Dresden/Germany

Waxman - Carmen fantasie

Begin 7.30 pm

Concerthall of the University, Wettiner Platz/Schützengasse Dresden

Tickets only in advance available

17th of January 2020


Philharmonia Chelyabinsk - Chelyabinsk South Ural/Russia

Soloist with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Chelyabinsk

The Prokofiev Concert Hall

Conductor Adik Abdurakhmanov

Invitation by A.R.A.C.A - Austrian Russian Asian Culture Association

BRAHMS Violin Concerto

beginning 6.30pm

18th of January 2020



Soloist with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Chelyabinsk

Concert hall

Conductor Adik Abdurakhmanov

Invitation by A.R.A.C.A - Austrian Russian Asian Culture Association

beginning 2 pm

BRAHMS Violin Concerto

19th of January 2020

Palace of Culture "Magnezit" Satka/Russia

Soloist with the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Chelyabinsk

Conductor Adik Abdurakhmanov

Invitation by A.R.A.C.A - Austrian Russian Asian Culture Association

beginning: 6 pm

BRAHMS Violin Concerto

30th of November 2019


Kempinski Concertini - Allegro Vivo/Vienna

Palais Hansen Kempinski/Lobby

BRAHMS violin concerto with Evgueni Sinaiski on the piano


free entrance

22nd of September 2019

Schlosskonzerte Kittsee - Haberlandt Saal, Burgenland

concerts in the castle Kittsee

Waxman - Carmen fantasy

on the piano Chizu Miyamoto

"Talente stellen sich vor" - Start 11.00am

21st of September 2019

PODIUM Festival Mödling - Spitalskirche Mödling (Brühler Str. 1)

violin solo


BACH Partita nr. 2; BWV 1004

Ysaye Solosonata Ballade

start: 10pm



20th of September 2019

PODIUM Festival Mödling; Theresiensaal; Mödling (Maria Theresien Gasse 18)

"Aufbruch" - opening concert

Beethoven - Serenade for string trio op. 8; D-Major

Julian Walder/violin; Tamara Stajner/viola; Clemens Kropfitsch/cello

start: 7.30pm

27th of May 2019

Justizpalast, Festsaal, Schmerlingplatz 11; 1010 Wien

Carmen fantasy - Waxman

Dvorak/Kreisler - Slavonic Dance 2

on the piano: Evgueni Sinaiski

Begin: 7.30 pm

3rd of May 2019

BRUNO Festsaal , Raum 105 - Brunn am Gebirge

"Querfeldein im Frühling"

A lively classic mix

on the piano - Chizu Miyamoto

Pieces of Fritz Kreisler (Caprice viennois, Tambourin chinois, Liebesleid, Liebesfreud);

Dvorak/Kreisler - Slavonic Dance nr. 2;

Vitali - Chaconne; Waxman - Carmen fantasie; Brahms - Hungarian Dance nr. 2;

6th of April 2019

Concert at Cziffra Foundation Vienna - Charity for the Cziffra Prize 2019

St. Nepomuk Chapell Vienna

Begin 7.30 pm

Brahms violin sonata d-minor, op. 108

Waxman - Carmen fantasie

on the piano - Evgueni Sinaiski

23rd of March

Private Concert at Eva Bernhard

(not open for public)

19th and 20th of March 2019

Concertmaster of Musikgymnasium Orchestra

Golden Hall at Musikverein Vienna

26th of January

Private Concert at Carol Beyers

Tchaikovsky; Dvorak/Kreisler and more

on the piano Evgueni Sinaiski

(not open for public)

11th of January 2019

Charity Concert for the Waldorfkindergarten Bad Vöslau
together with Dorothy Khadem-Missagh (piano)


Haus der Kunst, Kaiser Franz Ring 7; Baden bei Wien

7.30 pm

tickets-please call number mentioned at "Ticket-Info" or directly at the concert

Franck Sonata und Mozart Sonata in e-minar

17th of December 2018

MUSIKVEREIN - Metallener Saal, Vienna

Jeunesse "Start up!" Concert

Recital with Evgueni Sinaiski

Details and Ticket Infos will follow

15th of December 2018

John Harris - Vienna

concert for the company christmas party

(not open for public)

7th of December 2018

music and reading in the advent season - Trude Strass

private concert in Vienna

(not open for public)

3rd of November 2018

Cziffra Concert – NEPOMUIK-CHURCH, Vienna

Festival der Klänge – Closing

Solo-Recital with Evgueni Sinaiksi (piano)

Details and Ticket Infos will follow

Sibelius Violin Concerto; Bach-Chaconne; Schumann Sonata A-Minor; Vitali-Chaconne...

28th of October 2018

NYIAA - New York International Artists Association - NEW YORK

Weill Recital Hall - Carnegie Hall

7.30 pm

Schumann, Ysaye, Mendelssohn

21st of September 2018

Charity Concert of Kristin Lewis International

"Association for the Education and Development of Young Artists"

Junge Philharmonie Wien - Conductor Michael Lessky

Soloist with Massenet - Meditation von Thais

12th of August 2018

Opening Concert of the ISA Summeracademy Semmering

Schumann Sonata a minor

21st of June 2018

University of Arts in Graz (KUG) - Camerata Musica Szombathely with winds of KUG

Soloist with Tzigane by Ravel

Conductor  Bernhard Steiner


at 6.30 pm

Großer Minoritensaal

(Mariahilferplatz Nr. 3/Graz)

27th of April 2018

Portrait in Intrada Ö1 - Radio broadcast  at 10.05

with Music of Julian Walder

12th of April - 22nd of April 2018

MENUHIN Competition sen. in Geneva

"Olympics of Violinists"

8th of March 2018

Wiener Musikverein – Golden Hall

Festival of Musikgymnasium Vienna 2018

Concertmaster of Scheherazade and Solo (Rimsky-Korsakov)

23rd of February 2018

Guest at  "Guten Morgen Österreich" in Vienna (TV ORF2 broadcast)

Live interview and playing the violin

shortly after 7.00, 8.00 and 9.00 am

31st of Dec. 2017

30th of Dec- 2017

STADTTHEATER Mödling, Mödling Austria

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto op. 35, D-major

Mödlinger Symphonisches Orchester – Conductor Felix Hornbachner

24. Nov. 2017


Ambassadors in Concert

Tzigane - Ravel

6. Nov. 2017

WIENER KONZERTHAUS, Schubertsaal, Wien/Austria

Musica Juventutis - Ysaye Solo-Sonate für Violine "Ballade"; Tchaikovsky "Souvenir d´un lieu cher"

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